Raven’s Flame Inspirations and Stuff

All of Me by John Legend


Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding






Feel Like Making Love by Bad Company





You don’t see me.
You never see {what?)
I do.
My eyes roam? your curves,
fingers reaching,
never quite touching.
I wax poetic about your lips,
your tongue as it sweeps pink skin.
You see me then.
You know, and you tease,
rough leather around my throat.
You purr in my ear, and it echoes.
I still think about you,
I miss you,
ache for you.
My eyes seek you out from miles away.
But do you remember me?
Do you see me?
Because I seek you out.
Because I see you.



I want to kiss you,
until I can taste you,
in my dreams.

essence of a  sultry indulgence

penetrating the psyche

serenading thoughts of the surrendered mind

a little bit twisted

Pinch the pink rose bud