5.8 Creating a Bardic Space



Creative people need a place to retreat to where they can channel their inspiration. We need to make space in our lives so our ideas can manifest. Setting aside a period of time each day provides us with our window of opportunity for Awen to come into our lives but equally we need a physical space be it a chair, a windowsill or a set room.

  • Ask and give yourself permission to use the space
  • Give it a thorough cleaning, and then cleanse it by smudging with salt water, prayer, toning and music.
  • Raise the Awen, asking it to bless your space and commune with you there
  • Light a blue candle (the Bardic colour) when you are working there
  • Add images, icons, quotes, or anything else you find inspiring
  • Don’t clutter, keep your space clean and sacred
  • Use your space every day



© Gwion chan Beithe

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