5.6 A Bardic A-Z



A Bardic Alphabet by Kevan Manwaring

A – Awen, Bardic inspiration N – Names, essential identity
B – Bard, remembrancer/wordsmith O – Ogham, Celtic Tree alphabet
C – Community, the circle of the Bard P – Poetry, word magic
D – Druid, Priest/ess and MC Q – Questions, colloquies and riddles
E – Eloquence, what a Bard aspires to R – Repertoire, the Bard’s word hoard
F – Filidh, seer-poets, Gaelic S – Storytelling, the oldest art
G – Gorsedd, a gathering of Bards T – Triads, Welsh wisdom in 3’s
H – Harp, stringed instrument U – Utterance, it’s the way you say it
I – Imbas, inspiration, Gaelic V – Voice, most essential instrument
J – Jokes, sense of humour W – Women … are Bards too
K – Kerridwen, initiatrix of Taliesin X – Excellence, be the best, and better
L – Light, share it, become it. Y – Yell, stand up and be heard
M – Music, universal language Z – Zeitgeist, the spirit of the third eye


Thank you for reading, your comments are much appreciated

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