5.4 Why Be a Bard Today



The call of the Bard is in the blood. It is a calling to honour the ancestors, the spirits of the Earth, the deities and to pass on the wisdom and beauty of the past.

I am driven by my longing,
And my understanding urges,
That I should commence my singing,
And begin my recitation.
I will sing the people’s legends,
And the ballads of the nation,
To my mouth the words are flowing,
And the words are gently falling,
Quickly a my tongue can shape them,
And between my teeth emerging.



In a world of sickness, there is a need for healing. Hearts full of sorrow and despair; the seeds of solace and hope are required. We need the songs of love; we need the visions of imagination. We need doorways to possibilities, past alternatives and a deeper empathy with ourselves and others.

Criteria of a modern Bard:

  • Carry and transmit material
  • Be familiar with history and lore
  • Be able to support the spiritual
  • Act as a spokesperson for the Earth and Spirit
  • Perform the material in a spiritual context and manner
  • Be able to teach and lead others
  • Show commitment to study and practice.


© Gwion chan Beithe

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