3 Self-Evaluation – Start of the Path



Describe yourself.

I am a creative thinker with a fiery spirit. I enjoy being and living close to nature. I am a Pagan man following the path of a Celtic Witch and therefore have a close relationship with Welsh traditions and deities.

Why are you interested in a Bardic Path?

Ever since I was a child I have been enchanted by and drawn to poetry and story-telling, if the question had been did I choose a Bardic Path, I think I have to say it chose me.

What do you know about it?

It has a deep connection with Paganism, nature and Celtic and Welsh traditions. It is creativity, spirituality and truth.

What do you hope to gain from it?

I have reached a point in life when many aspects of my life are coming together in a unifying way. I feel now is, therefore, a good time to explore my spirituality and allow it to unite with my writing as I journey to a new era of my life.

What experience do you have in creative writing?

I am a poet and story-teller. I began my career as a writer eight years ago and in doing so opened up a can of worms that has changed my life.

What attracted you to a Bardic Path?

I hold creativity, spirituality and truth deep in my being. All three of those things I have had to face and welcome into my life in a big way.

What experience do you have in performance?

Before my voice started changing I often read my poems in poetry groups. It has been sometime and this is an area I need to rebuild my confidence.

What would you like to improve or learn?

I need to improve my confidence in reading aloud and I am always looking to learn and understand the ancient ways of my spiritual home land, Wales.

Do you have any questions, concerns or doubts?

As a man in transition, yes too many but on the subject of a Bardic Path, no they were answered unequivocally in Glastonbury. Lady Fate has her ways of letting us know when it is time to do things we are drawn to.

What do you think your greatest challenge will be?

Confidence in my voice, it is constantly changing and I have no real control over it yet.

What do you think your best strength is?

I have an open and fast learning mind with a free-thinking thought process. As far as writing is concerned I often leave my comfort zone and tackle most subjects.

How do you feel right now?

At peace, as if I know I am on the journey home. Life is a journey of self-discovery; I believe that without a shadow of a doubt. My life is a journey to find the man, the Pagan and the Bard that I have always been.



© Gwion chan Beithe

2  A Bardic Year

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