2 A Bardic Year

bardic year


Spring Quickening (February to April)

Summer Shining (May to July)

Autumn Gathering (August to October)

Winter Dreaming (November to January)



Month 1 – Awakening to Bardic Awareness



Month 2 – Threshold Guardians

Month 3 – Twice-Born



Month 4 – Finding the Fire Within

Month 5 – Encountering Faeries

Month 6 – Entering the Realms of Story



Month 7 – Connecting with the Animal Kingdom

Month 8 – Calling the Inner Bard

Month 9 – Awenyddion



Month 10 – Your Bardic Debut

Month 11 – The Tongue that Cannot Lie

Month 12 – A Bardic Life


© Gwion chan Beithe


1 Orientation: The Circle of Elements

3 Self Evaluation – Start of the Path

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