Leaves of Life


Notes and writings from my Bardic Path

as Gwion chan Beithe


1 Orientation: The Circle of Elements

2 The Bardic Year

 3 Self-Evaluation – Start of the Path

4 Essay: When Did the Bardic Path Begin for You?

5 Spirit: Awakening to Bardic Awareness

5.2 What Is a Bard?

5.3 The Bardic Tradition

5.4 Why Be a Bard Today

5.5 The Nature of Awen

5.6 A Bardic Alphabet

5.7 Raising the Awen

5.8 Creating a Bardic Space

5.9 The Celtic Diaspora

5.10 The Cauldron Born

5.11 Story – Stone Soup

Thank you for reading, your comments are much appreciated

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