Intro: M/F Erotica Helena made the dare but is her desire enough to meet the challenge.


Helena stared at her phone. He had gone quiet. All day they had been exchanging provocative text messages. Perhaps he had fallen asleep she thought as she reread the conversation.

With that thought in mind she decided to go to bed herself. As she undressed and slipped beneath her duvet she wondered if her last message and been too pushy. He didn’t like being dared but god he was playing with her mind making her want him too much. Her hands started to caress her body and she soon was lost in her own need.

Suddenly the sound of her phone buzzing on the dresser broke in to her pleasure. Helena stared at the message.

“I want you! Come outside!”

Helena grabbed her robe and looked out the window into the night, she couldn’t see anything. She sent him a text.

“There’s no one out there, don’t tease me like that”

Her phone buzzed again.

“I can see you! Come outside!”

Pulling her robe around her Helena moved to the hallway and opened the door just a little. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness she could just make out him out leant against the wall. Now all she could feel was the throb of anticipation and desire as she headed out.

Evan was relaxed dressed in a tee shirt and jeans. His eyes watching Helena as she moved towards him, taking in her every movement. Her arms reached out for a hug and he stepped a pace back. She stopped and looked at him in confusion.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You, on your knees now!”

Helena felt herself trembling as she sank slowly to her knees. Well she had dared him to do this so she wasn’t going to stop him. The grass was beneath her was damp with dew as her fingers slowly unzipped his jeans, pushing the fabric apart and over his hips.

His cock jutted outward. Smooth and hard it was begging for attention. Helena could feel his fingers in her hair pushing her head closer.

‘Suck it!’ he whispered.

She gently kissed the tip. Maybe if she blew him good enough he would forget the fact she had dared him to come and take her. She licked him slowly along his length before she took his cock into her mouth. She twirled her tongue around it before stroking it over the slit. She felt him groan. She knew he would he always loved her doing that.

She gripped his shaft with her hand to take more into her mouth and felt his grip on her hair tighten. Yes he was enjoying it. Helena started sucking hard taking him deeper each time.

His grip was getting painful as he kept her mouth on him. He moans enhancing his pleasure. She felt her pussy throbbing, god she needed a good fuck and he better be ready to give her one. She slowly stopped sucking him and gently kissed the tip before she got up.

“Fuck me now” she demanded.

He laughed. “We best go inside then. The way you squeal will wake up the neighbourhood”

Helena led him inside and as she closed the door he pulled her robe off. She moved towards the bedroom.

Evan sat on the sofa.

“Not yet! Come here!” he said firmly.

As she stood beside him he pulled her down across his muscular thighs. What the hell has he got in mind now? His fingers parted her legs and began stroking inside her pussy.

“You’re as wet as fuck, you dirty bitch”

He pulled out his fingers and lent down to Helena’s ear as his hand connected sharply with her ass.

“I warned you not to dare me!”

Her flesh began to burn as his hand repeatedly slapped against it. He hadn’t forgotten but god he was good at this. Every few slaps he paused and she felt his fingers sink inside her and tickle her g-spot. Then he pulled out and the spanking would start again until her mind was flitting between the heat of his hand and her need for pleasure.

Her skin was burning when she realised he had stopped the spanking and was focused on teasing her with his fingers and she was groaning.

“Oh god fuck me, you bastard’

He loved it when she lost control and talked dirty. Pushing her up on to all-fours on the sofa he moved himself behind her as he lowered his jeans and thrust into her. He was as hungry for her as she was for him and she knew he could feel her pussy gripping his cock.

She could feel the sofa rocking as he squeezed her breasts pulling her onto his thrusting hips. She felt his hand stroke down her belly to her clit where his fingers began to play. She felt it coming; he felt her shudder and his pelvis spanked her ass as the pleasure rippled through her.

Using the last of his will Evan pulled out and gently lowered Helena to kneel on the floor.

“Open!” he demanded.

As she opened her mouth he gripped her hair tightly and pulled her on to his cock pushing into her mouth. She sucked on him hungrily, his grip tightening on her head as he started to cum. She didn’t think twice and swallowed.

He guided her to his lap and holding her head against his chest, stroked her hair.

“Good girl” he said.


©JG Farmer 2015 Registered & Protected  FC23-OVKR-JWDA-KKMI

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