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The Love of Pan

When it comes to love whom should we choose and how do we choose what makes a woman a better choice than a man or vice versa surely the answer is neither when the brain is capable of so much … Continue reading

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Discretion and denial hiding self within her flesh losing unanswered wondering within the embraces of passion I wanted it to be enough like a final solution to inner pain of gender confusion – forgive me for burying my truth within … Continue reading

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From a Lesser Being

It makes no difference if I call you wrong or if I don’t I know that you have the power and that you will abuse me but everyone does so it makes no difference to me I feel safe hearing … Continue reading

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Natural Love

They say our love is not nature’s intent Hypocritical words that spread the hate As they call a god who cannot prevent Our love; the love that makes us you and me Yet it’s you and me who must integrate … Continue reading

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Pride Angel

The sunlight shimmers in a rainbow’s kiss Vibrance in an angel’s silky blond hair Her pride in self speaks within her soft eyes My sister took my hand that lonely night The guiding star they now call Pride Angel And … Continue reading

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  facing dark fears as bonds of hate recoil liberty has wings     ©JG Farmer 2015

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Out of this World

  Like musician’s strings but between the sheets In taut anticipation sinews wait To dance in carnal rhythmic repeats Entangled nerve endings reverberate As chaotic senses intimidate Before launching the power of torment And no conclusion in rebel’s intent. In … Continue reading

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I kiss the dust that lies beneath your feet As I know from your love I can’t retreat But still I feel the pain of losing you You are all I wanted in dreams beneath The sun; you are my … Continue reading

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A Love Story 2

  Hypnotised eyes are lost in dreams of love So perfect the heart rules the mind thereof The senses yearn in flames that burn too much And realms of fantasy are all too real Is this love beyond reach and … Continue reading

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  many shades combine in archways that whisper ‘love’ and me becomes we   © JG Farmer 2014

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