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Political Suidae

The hallowed grounds of education defiled by excesses of greed and privilege on the pathway to Westminster as doting parents pay for their offspring to be the great and the good doting parents who handed the child to nanny while … Continue reading

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The Hobbit on Religion

As I sit here with HM Cupcake and type on a subject that causes more problems than anything else on our planet I cannot help but think that religion needs to be kept to the spiritual self and not used … Continue reading

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Hobbit Dispatches

Last week the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby. I am delighted for the Duke and Duchess. What doesn’t delight me is the negative comments made attacking a baby. She is a baby for god sake. But typical … Continue reading

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Weapons and Shields

How do you avoid having your feelings hurt? The saying goes; someone can only hurt you if you give them permission to play with your feelings and emotions. In essence that is true and the easy answer therefore would be … Continue reading

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