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For My White Rose

Soft the petals of my rose that draws a thought through time so close yet distant beyond mortal reach doors closed never to reopen for the Earth lost her magic on a last breath no questions no answers just words … Continue reading

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Sonnet for TDOR

Today we honoured all those lost to hate The lives stolen before their time was due And for them the day is now far too late Yet in their name we build a better view No more hiding behind the … Continue reading

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For M’Ladies Horty and Mary-Jane

the touch of love sparkles in champagne bubbles cherry blossom falls pink and delicate a scented confetti swirling on the breeze chilled wine on the lips that whispered the wedding vow in blessings of love sends the poet to Horty … Continue reading

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To the One Who Makes Me Smile

  There is a place I want to take you to a place no one else can be no secrets held between trust and understanding. I want to hold you here as you become a part of me in that … Continue reading

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  I watched you chase the shadows out to sea while we played in borrowed time against the odds we felt the summer sun in those hazy days we thought we had won the prize of life of love I … Continue reading

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fireworks explode in memories of yesterday Happy Birthday   © JG Farmer 2013 Dedication: For my Nan, Winifred May Farnham 1916-2010 love and miss you xxxxx via The Boipoet

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