A Love Story


I Saw Her Standing There by Mark Spain

I Saw Her Standing There by Mark Spain


Shy glances of in-between old and new
And words are lost in time with nought to do
The days before are left so far away
Like echoes calling out another time
Somehow you are different today
I see a shimmer of light in your hair
And feel the sensual teasing of your eyes
Amid the warmth of simply standing there
And thoughts of love began imagining sighs
The pleasure found within a lover’s cries
And sweet tenderness that makes life sublime
This new sense of you I dare not betray
How can we play the game of me and you
With no words to tell you how much I care



Tribal by Zack

Tribal by Zack

Hypnotised eyes are lost in dreams of love
So perfect the heart rules the mind thereof
The senses yearn in flames that burn too much
And realms of fantasy are all too real
Is this love beyond reach and out of touch?
Enchanted by perceptions of pleasure
Where mundane thoughts become an intense heat
Imaginings feel that forbidden treasure
Inviting the heart to skip one more beat.
But if love is something pure, something sweet
The soul will delight in all it can feel
As yearnings yield to that intimate touch
For the heart demands to meet its measure
In declarations that speak only love.



Lowlight - Love Story 3

Each succulent prawn on a silver fork
A temptation before plum sauce and pork
And light conversation over cold beer
Once more the heart is learning it must trust
The time has come to let go of old fear
When eyes pause longer in holding a glance
And doors swing open to another place
Each daring the other to take a chance
And I look for my answers in your face
Confusion fades in a simple embrace
And hearts entice two dreamers to adjust
To being one combined in the romance
In that great unknown a kiss replaced talk
As two souls entwined drawing the love near



A Love Story 4

As waters merge with land upon the shore
Between the swirling waves and sandy floor
The moonlight pulls the sea to ebb and flow
And golden rays reach down to warm the earth
The love of gods echoes above, below
Spirit with spirit joined in sensual bliss
In intimate explosions of the one
As the flesh merges with flesh in a kiss
Creative energy can’t be undone
You and I find love with the setting sun
Just two spirits joined in a rebirth
Adrift as one in passion’s great abyss
Such oneness only the senses can know
For this is love and living’s central core



A Love Story 5

In darkness gentle words came to conspire
To release my fears to your passion’s fire
With my battle torn ego left behind
Within the wilderness that is the past
That unexplained realm of me that left me blind
In whispered words that never held meaning
Until spoken on the lips that could hold me
Hold me without my fear intervening
And in that moment your kiss set me free
Awakening the echoes of memory
Of love that I could never be seen in
In your eyes I surrender my desire
My heart can no longer be so confined
When the sweet gentle words of fate are cast



Wave of Love by Huebucket

Wave of Love by Huebucket

The higher realms of love where passion is
The gentlest touch to a much deeper kiss
Where you and I merge into our own song
In rhythmic engagements and pulsing beat
And the sensual delights are never wrong
I feel your whisper caressing my soul
My heartbeat answers revealing desire
And you pull me closer to make me whole
Our senses honed to what lovers require
Igniting flames in a deluge of fire
The sweet essence of love taking control
No words remain to speak or reminisce
In the moment when love becomes complete
And two are one as they were all along.



Stephen Fry and Jude Law in Wilde

Stephen Fry and Jude Law in Wilde

We’re soul to soul in a tender embrace
The purest state found within time and space
That spiritual energy we call love
A flow that took the heart the way it’s meant
So gentle, with the touch of a peace dove
To take us up to the ecstatic state
Revealing the wonder of me and you
The worlds of love we circumnavigate
I feel hunger within you breaking through
As I reach the places you take me to
With the sacred bond of honour we create
In moments we so often we spoke of
And when your fingers gently stroked my face
We saw the secrets of our love’s intent.


© JG Farmer 2014

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