Nature of Love

In those intimate moments between us
The magic that happens within my heart
A force of power when we are apart
Yet so delicate; how can it be thus
A kiss can haunt me through the longest night
Enticing my dreams to keep you in sight
‘til I awake overwhelmed by your touch
But this is love and I know it is such
And soon I will see the light in your eyes
As your lips curve into that sultry smile
The nature of love is not versatile
For there is no weakness left to disguise
When our love is the strength that sets us free
And you are the heart that beats inside me


©JG Farmer 2015

Form: Pushkin’s Sonnet Registered & Protected 4UFL-EZFL-NIIR-O3IJ


About Jez Farmer

I am a freelance writer and poet and started writing after raising my two boys as a way of discovering just who Jez is. That is still very much an on-going project but the journey so far has introduced me to many wonderful friends and fellow writers through an ever growing love of poetry.
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