The Adventures of Sharples: Summer Nights



Now I live a more settled life and have a home, I have no need to wander. In the winter I spend as little time as possible outside as I like my creature comforts and curled up in front of a roaring fire is a perfect way to spend the dark winter months waiting for spring.

Spring is a time of anticipation for the summer days when I can wander to the nearby town arboretum and catch the shade under the shrubberies while watch the town’s folk take too much sun. Humans really don’t get the need to stay cool.

What I really look forward to is strolling home in the late afternoon, just after the gates have been closed. This is when the wandering feline community comes alive. It is a time of meeting old friends and new, catching up on the mews and for friskier toms the battle for queen rights.

I did think humans would understand this need to converse with one’s own kind as they stop and chittychat all day every day. Not a bit of it of course, they are intent on making us fit in with their world that is governed by tick-tock machines. If they catch us sharing the mews they shout and complain – really they just do not get it.

Evenings in the arboretum are different, the humans are safe in their houses doing human things and we can get on with doing what we need to do without interference however well intended it may be. Other animals understand it and even do the same thing.

I know it concerns my lady if I am out late at night as she fusses and tsks over me. I do not like her to worry but I am a cat and need to do cat things.

About Jez Farmer

I am a freelance writer and poet and started writing after raising my two boys as a way of discovering just who Jez is. That is still very much an on-going project but the journey so far has introduced me to many wonderful friends and fellow writers through an ever growing love of poetry.
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