The Crossing 18: Caution

Another of Al Forbes’ Sunday Photo Fiction prompts inspiring the next installment in the life of Kip as told in the serial The Crossing

Even months after escaping the grip of the System and finding freedom I cannot quite get used to being able speak freely and without fear. Even the simple act of writing my journals would have found me put before a firing squad. Expressing the truth or an opinion carried an automatic death sentence. They could not stop the mind from thinking though.

Only a year ago I had to watch every word I said as even the walls seemed to have ears. You never knew who was a friend or a System spy. I was not able to read or write so that was not a problem. Despite all that I knew it was wrong, that was not how life was meant to be.

In the short period of schooling I had received from the System I had been labelled a rebel and troublemaker. A teacher had told me more than once if I wasn’t careful I would end up dead. I realise now he was another free-thinker and was protecting me. Even the barbaric act of forcing me to witness execution after execution; he was protecting me.

I would watch as bullets fired into the back of a victim’s head as they knelt on the ground and I would watch as their bodies crumpled into the heap of a corpse. Adults and children alike – no one was safe. I felt their fear mingle with my own as I silently promised to remember them. In my dreams I see it played over and over again.

Last week I asked Arianna if I could have a small piece of garden to make a place of remembrance. In that week she and Gai have helped me create something magical. Today Gai took me shopping and we found some painted stones and bought a few and we will buy more. Each one is a witness to the fight for freedom and the memory of so many who will never know it.

Tomorrow I go back to school and I am determined to learn as much as possible so I can find a way to stop the suffering under the System.


© JG Farmer 2014



About Jez Farmer

I am a freelance writer and poet and started writing after raising my two boys as a way of discovering just who Jez is. That is still very much an on-going project but the journey so far has introduced me to many wonderful friends and fellow writers through an ever growing love of poetry.
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3 Responses to The Crossing 18: Caution

  1. Wow!! I will pray for this awful situation!!

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