Dark Oracle by Kilian Eng

Dark Oracle by Kilian Eng


The quest for answers lost over time
Inquiries made in realms of darkness
Waiting for the voice of wisdom to speak
And solve the mysteries of the heart.
She sleeps through the years biding her time
Dark lady who holds all our secrets
That words cannot begin to explain
Yet they remain with us from the start.
Ancient keeper of hidden desires
Revealing all when she sees our pain
For we must know of our deepest need
Before she opens our natal chart.
Dark lady, Oracle of all time
Speaks only truth and never in vain.


© JG Farmer 2014

Form: Nightingale Sonnet

Artwork: Dark Oracle by Kilian Eng Registered & Protected  PZ8F-0SZG-HRUN-MC84


About Jez Farmer

I am a freelance writer and poet and started writing after raising my two boys as a way of discovering just who Jez is. That is still very much an on-going project but the journey so far has introduced me to many wonderful friends and fellow writers through an ever growing love of poetry.
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