Death of Sardanapalus by Eugene Delacroix

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Death of Sardanapalus by Eugene Delacroix Death of Sardanapalus by Eugene Delacroix

Artist: Eugene Delacroix (1798 – 1863)

Nationality: French

Completion Date: 1827

Style: Romanticism

Genre: Mythological Painting

Media: Oil on canvas

Location: Musée du Louvre, Paris

Inspired by Lord Byron’s tale of Sardanapalus, the Assyrian king, Delacroix created this massive 12 by 16 foot masterpiece. As the tale goes, once, Sardanapalus learned he was facing military defeat, he ordered all his possessions destroyed, including his many concubines, servants and animals, before he committed suicide. This painting beautifully exemplifies the Romantic themes of bold colors, tragic imagery, and exotic decor. Delacroix used many literary sources as inspiration, including Shakespeare, Goethe and Byron, whom Delacroix largely admired. The Sardanapalus theme also inspired a cantata by Hector Berlioz and an opera by Franz Liszt.

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