The Writing Process – a Blog Tour


A huge thank you to Horty Rexarch for inviting me to gig on this blog tour.

Horty will be appearing live on the central stage at It Is What It Is


The questions are:

What are you currently working on?

I am a journalist, novelist and poet. I love art, music and literature. I am Pagan and I am political active. I am transgender. All that and more influences how and what I write. It also means my writing to-do list is massive. From short articles covering the artists of any genre that have influenced me in some way to the novel I am working on the list grows daily, if not hourly. Top of the list after this is a short article on the novelist Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers. I write on several blogs and all have their own purpose.

The Boypoet

This in effect is my main blog and as well as my poetry and a flash fiction serial I post updates from my other blogs here.

Some Assembly Required

I am a transguy and this is the journal blog of my transition. It is not always pretty nor is it always happy. It is my journey and how it is for me.

Gay Pagan UK

This is a group blog written by members of the group. I am proud to be part of it.

Jeremy’s Daily Challenge

As a writer I get hit by what is known as writer’s block and this blog is for other writers who may need a touch of inspiration or just want a challenge. The prompts come in various forms and are meant for fun and the pleasure of writing.

The Beautiful Blog

What started as a game has now turned into an art gallery sharing some amazing pieces of art from around the globe. It is meant to be a group blog and anyone wishing to share art that is beautiful to them can contact me and I’ll add them as an author.

The Boypoet Remembers

Brief articles on the writers, musicians and artists that have inspired or influenced my life.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?



Just as no two people are the same no two writers are the same. I write form poetry and it can be argued the structure of a sonnet is always the same. With over two hundred variants I can prove all sonnets are not the same. My blogs reflect me that makes them unique.

Why do you write what you do?

As a journalist I write about events and issues occurring at any given time. Poetry and novel writing began as a hobby now it is part of my daily life. I still get that creative buzz of satisfaction when I finish a poem and know the meter and content are as good as they can be. Creative writing should never be for any other reason than personal enjoyment – if others enjoy what I do it is a bonus.

How does my writing process work?


Now this is a tough one. Journalistic articles start with a vague idea and research is vital as what I write must be accurate and backed up by evidence. So research notes are the starting point leading to a first draft. In a similar vein, as a crime fiction writer, the science must be accurate so I research. Each chapter starts with jotted notes then an outline and first draft. However poetry starts with a thought and pieces of paper lead to an outline, then a form and finally a first draft of a poem.

Once a piece is a first draft the editing process begins and it is that which is the graft but it is necessary. Spelling, grammar and content need to be checked and changed until I am happy a piece is right. It works for me.

I have chosen some bloggers I would like to share the stage with on this Blog Tour. As poetry is very much a performance method of writing I have chosen poets.

Peace, love and patchouli


No Talent For Certainty


Perspectives on life, universe and everything

Shawn L. Bird

Black and Write

Poetic Parfait

Reading Pleasures


So come on guys grab ya pens and pads and those dusty old backpacks and hit the blogging tour road!

See you all at the beer tent!!!

About Jez Farmer

I am a freelance writer and poet and started writing after raising my two boys as a way of discovering just who Jez is. That is still very much an on-going project but the journey so far has introduced me to many wonderful friends and fellow writers through an ever growing love of poetry.
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16 Responses to The Writing Process – a Blog Tour

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  2. Very interesting and enjoyable post Jeremy and thank you so much for including me in it, I truly appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Kev says:

    Nice one!

  4. AB says:

    Thank you so much, extremely grateful for inclusion 🙂

  5. You rock and I loved reading more about you here! I wish you all the best with the book you’re writing and am in awe of the number of blogs you balance writing for. I am proud to be chosen by you to do a post too, woot!!

  6. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    And here you have him …. Sir Jeremy … Central stage on this blog tour!! Enjoy …..

  7. Dr. Rex says:

    Love it!! Great job … reblog, of course!!! Hugs …. Sir Jeremy!! ❤

  8. InfiniteZip says:

    I do so thank you for this opportunity to add into your tour. It is fascinating to see all the blogs and writing spots you have:) I just did this tour June 9th so I can’t pop in again so soon, feel free to drop by and check it out and I do thank you. It is an honor to be asked:) peace my friend:)

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